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Growing and caring for garden plants and turf grass lawns doesn’t need to complicated but with the correct information, products and techniques professional results can be achieved by everyone.


After 30 years in the New Zealand horticultural and turf industry Gerard Dyer has made a point in being in the forefront of local and international trends and technology. His career has allowed him to travel and work with industry leaders both here and around the world furthering his passion for growing plants and sharing this knowledge.

Gerard has made a point in maintaining contact with overseas suppliers and attending trade conferences so to be up to date with local and international trends and technology.

Gerard was awarded the New Zealand Craftsman Training Award in Horticulture in 1984 which allowed him to further his experience working with European nurseries .Upon returning to New Zealand Gerard worked in the New Zealand cut flower and landscape industry before starting with Smiths Horticulture as a technical sales rep. Gerard worked within the retail and commercial horticultural sectors as well as the turf industry over a six year period with Smiths. It was during this time that Gerard’s passion for the New Zealand turf industry grew. In 1996 Gerard could see the great opportunity in starting T.L.C Total Lawn Care Ltd which would offer a professional turf maintenance service in the Auckland region.

Gerard has being a guest speaker at the NZ Lianz Landscape conference 2008 and Ellerslie Flower Show ( Auckland ) 2007. Over the last three years Gerard has worked on the Radio Live ‘Kitchen and Garden show’ as their resident Lawn Guru.


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