Lawn installation services 

Lawn Installation Services

We specialise in seed sowing establishment of lawns,using high quality seed, organic amendment and starter fertilisers. We manage the lawn establishment for the first month after germination until hand over to the client or to then start a regular maintenance service. Lawn establishment from seed sowing is a fast and cheaper option than installing a turf lawn. Ground preparation is very important to achieve compaction relief, improved drainage and stronger healthier plant growth.


T.L.C has lead the way in constructing sand based lawns where poor soils and drainage is a problem. The soil / clay is dug out and removed and sub soil drainage is installed. The area is then back filled with specified turf sand grades to protect the drainage layer and then build the base for the lawn to be sown directly into. On completion a sand lawn offers perfect drainage and performs as a soil lawn would do with regular fertiliser applications.

Where an instant turf lawn is required we will offer a number of grass type options that best suit the location and climatic conditions. A turf lawn is a great way to complete a lawn installation in a hurry or where other conditions don’t allow for a seeded option eg; high pedestrian traffic, water runoff/erosion, animal damage.

T.L.C encourages the installation of a warm season turf grass lawn ( Couch grass ) were ever possible .The fine leaf Couch grass varieties available now make for a beautiful home lawn. Couch grass (as with Kikuyu ) will not grow in shaded areas, but thrive in warm sunny hot dry positions. Great for the home lawn, coastal properties, road side berm lawns and commercial areas. A typical couch grass lawn does not need frequent watering as does a cool season lawn so your water bill is greatly reduced. Your couch grass lawn will not suffer the usual damage from dog urine so this lowers maintenance costs as well. We prefer to install a Couch grass lawn with roll out turf. Both seed sowing and stolon Couch establishment is very slow. The lawn soil profile has both amendment and starter fertilisers applied before installation and then put onto a normal eight weekly maintenance programme. Our weed spray programme can remove all grasses and broadleaf weeds from a Couch lawn. Save water and install a Couch grass lawn.


Lawn installation services - before

Lawn installation services - after



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