Maintain healthy soil environment with GP Air

Greenearth NZ Ltd has designed and manufactured a product called the GPAir. This unique machine can penetrate deep into the soil, and aerate with little or no disruption to the surface level. Releasing a controlled blast of compressed air, the GPAir lifts and shatters the compacted layers of soil. This allows saturated soils to drain. It also allows water to infiltrate parched and dry soils.





The walk behind lawn core aerater allows us to get onto most lawn areas
The hollow tines aerate the soil profile by removing a solid core of soil / sand, thatch and plant leaf.
At the same time you are breaking through and improving surface compaction.
As a result this will allow better surface drainage and air movement into the soil / sand profile which will encourage stronger root growth and plant health.
Applying soil amendment fertilisers ( Dolomite Lime, Gypsum,organic material etc ) after the coring process means you will  get more product down deeper into the root and thatch layers in through the core holes.



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